2013 Shipped Semen Agreement
Blue Haven Farm
7113 Woodbury Pike
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
931-993-9370 cell

This shipped semen agreement entered into this ____day of ___________ 2013 is by and between Blue Haven Farms (BHF) and _________________________________ (Mare Owner), do hereby agree to breed the stallion Inspired by Art, TWH Reg. # 20413870_to the mare_____________________ Reg. #__________ via shipped semen for the current breeding year.


Stallion fee is hereby agreed to be $650; a non-refundable $100 booking fee is required which will be deducted from the total.


Mare is hereby certified to be breeding sound and free from any condition, which would prevent conception. Mare is currently: Maiden __­___Open _____In foal_____


Stallion fee must be paid in full prior to ordering first shipment. It is further agreed that the following charges will apply:

  a. Stallion collection/lab fee is included for one shipment. (normally  $150)
  b. Shipping and handling will be approximately $60.00-100.00 depending on area to be shipped to (we use disposable shipping containers but Equitainers are available, if preferred, with a $300 refundable deposit). Thereby making the total fee $710-750.  (Fed-ex fee is more for Saturday delivery).  Counter to counter airport delivery is available with fees depending on destination.
  c. If the mare fails to conceive and needs to be rebred, mare owner is responsible for subsequent collection/lab fees and shipping and handling of approximately $200.
4. You must contact BHF no later than 6:00 PM CST the evening prior to collection, to order semen.
Normal collection days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but exceptions are always made.
Recommended protocol:  Your vet should contact us: (this may be done via email)
  (1) When he/she detects initial heat
  (2) When he/she estimates the day of ovulation
  (3) When he/she wants semen to arrive.
5. It is expressly understood that only a licensed veterinarian may inseminate recipient mare unless other arrangements are agreed upon.
6. The mare must be ultra sounded for pregnancy no less than 14 days after insemination and/or palpated by a veterinarian no later than 55 days post-insemination to ensure your live foal guarantee.  Mare owner agrees to notify BHF when mare is declared “in foal”.
7. Mare owner agrees that if the mare fails to conceive by the end of the current breeding season, 2007,  BHF will allow free return privileges to ________________ during the next breeding season, 2008, if BHF is notified in writing by a licensed veterinarian.
8. This contract contains a live foal guarantee.  A live foal is considered to be a newborn foal that stands and nurses, and is live for 3 days.  BHF will provide a return privilege provided that a licensed veterinarian submits a statement of occurrence within 5 days.

Mare Owner______________________Address____________________________________

Daytime phone_________________        Evening phone_________________________


Address to ship semen:___________________________________________________

Stallion Owner__________________________________________________________

Is Fed-EX overnight service available in your area? ____________________________ 

Location of closet airport _________________________________________________

All checks should be made out to:  Barbara Blue Daicoff


Barbara Blue Daicoff
Murfreesboro, TN
Cell. 931-993-9370

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