Here are some candid shots of our horses, our farm, and our friends.. Enjoy!
This is video footage of World Grand Champions up to 1974. 
Most were flatshod and the difference in the gait is quite noticeable.
Video courtesy of the TWHBEA.

More Inspired By Art

Collector's Painted Reflection aka Buddy
with Gail Nowicki of MI, his forever partner.
Midas's Starfire Ace and Katy Mae Roberston of Virginia
Midas's Sommer Mist and Dolly,
one of our dogs on the farm.
Midas's Magic Coin, smiling for his close-up

Midas's Champagne Touch aka Champ and Judy Bain enjoying the trails.
Inspired By Art and Scot MacGregor after a work out and fun time.
Collector's Raz A Ma Taz and Goldwell's Sassy Cricket (one day old) and in love already.
Collector's Go Boy, the first stallion to come to Blue Haven Farms.
One of the sweetest horses you'll ever find.
Sissy, one of the farm cats who thinks she's a Princess.


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