TWHBEA #20804775 Foaled: 6/23/2008
(Final's Goldwell x Ironclad Cricket )
Gender:  mare Height:   15.2 hands
Color:  chestnut Markings: star, flaxen mane and tail.

Goldwell's Evening Delight, aka Mandy is a beautiful chestnut Tennessee Walking horse filly out of Final’s Goldwell and Ironclad Cricket. She has the bloodlines to match her outstanding conformation! Mandy's mane and tail will be mixed flaxen and sorrel.  She is a beautiful long striding filly with personality plus. Located in Tennessee.


An examination of the extended pedigrees of Final's Goldwell and Ironclad Cricket further defines the quality of Goldwell's Evening Delight's bloodlines.  The analyses reveal that the amount of genetic input from Midnight Sun, Ebony Masterpiece and Roan Allen F-38 is greater than that of a grandsire; and that the degree of Wilson's Allen, Sun's Delight D., and Pride Of Midnight HF blood is equivalent to that of a great-grandsire. The percentages of old walking bloodlines are as follows:

% Ancestor Sire Contribution Dam Contribution
27.74 % Midnight Sun 17.19 % 10.55 %
22.27 % Roan Allen 13 % 9.27 %
21.88 % Ebony Masterpiece 6.25 % 15.63 %
17.68 % Wilson's Allen 10.55 % 7.13 %
15.63 % Sun's Delight D. 12.5 % 3.13 %
15.49 % Merry Boy 4.30 % 11.19 %
12.5 % Pride Of Midnight HF 12.5 % 0 %
9.26 % Hunter's Allen F-10 5.57 % 3.69 %
7.03 % Midnight Mack K. 0 % 7.03 %
2.10 % Giovanni 1.12 % 0.98 %

Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery


Pride's Final Edition Pride Of Midnight H.F. Midnight Sun
Pride Of Stanley
Ebony's C.C. Ebony Masterpiece
Invasions Rocket W.
Delight's Hand Lady Sun's Delight D. Midnight Sun
Wilson Snip's Chance
Midnight Rythm Girl Midnight Sunset
Ebony May Girl

Ironclad Cricket

“Iron Works” Ebony Masterpiece Skipper Son Midnight
Lady Lee
Bum's Little Dumpling Delight Bumin Around
Go Boy Blue Silver
Mark’s Jane Mark Of A Master Mark Of Carbon
Ebony's Country Girl B.
Jane Doe Mack K's Handshaker
Sweetheart R.


Barbara Blue Daicoff
Murfreesboro, TN
Cell. 931-993-9370

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