TWHBEA #20405900 Foaled: 7/17/2004
(Collector's Go Boy x A New Coin)
Gender:  mare Height:  ??? hands
Color:  black Markings: tobiano


Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery

Go Boy

Tennessee Collector Alabama Spiderman Debbies Dude
Stanley's Clown
Wishful Collector Ebony's Collector
Shaker's Black Opal
Windsong's Shadow Pride's Mighty Sun Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Merry Maker In Blue
Threat's Shadow Doll Triple Turn
Shadow's Wind Song

A New Coin

Coin's Hard Cash Prides Gold Coin Pride of Midnight HF
Delight's Joanna
Prides Donna Pride of Midnight HF
Sun's Pretty Donna
Starthreat's Dream Eldorado's Big Star Suns Eldorado
Midnight Moose Maid
Dau. Of Darkness S. Triple Threat
Midnight Sun's Cindy
Prices are quoted in US funds. Overseas transport can be arranged.


Barbara Blue Daicoff
Murfreesboro, TN
Cell. 931-993-9370

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