by Scott MacGregor

Walkerbury Walkerbury Action Double Mouth Double Mouth 1 Double Mouth 2 Double Mouth 3
MacGregor Bit MacGregor Bit-1 MacGregor Bit-2 MacGregor Bit-3 MacGregor Shorty 7 inch Tremmel Double Twisted Curb
9 inch Tremmel Double Twisted Curb Double Twisted Curb Mouthpiece Double Twisted Full Cheek 1 Double Twisted Full Cheek 2 Tube Bit Tube Bit with Latex on
Stick Bit 1 Stick Bit 2 Stick Bit 3 Ostermyer Curb Ostermyer Bit Ostermyer Bit Action
Billy Grey Bit Single Wire
Billy Grey Bit
Blue Ribbon
6 inch Low Port Curb
Blue Ribbon
6 inch Jointed Curb
Blue Ribbon
8 inch Medium Port Curb
Blue Ribbon
8 inch Jointed Curb
Chifney Lead Bit Jointed Eggbutt Whistle Bit Bar Stick Bar Gag Bar Curb
Western Medium Port Western Roller Curb TWH Western Curb Haughton Bit 1 Haughton Bit 2 Citation
Bit 1
Bit 2
Bit 3
Springsteen Bit 4 Springsteen
Bit 5
Bit 6
Springsteen Curb Mouthpiece Springsteen
Curb 1
Curb 2
Curb 3
Dr. Bristol 1 Dr. Bristol 2
French Link Curb Happy Mouth
Jointed Curb
Happy Mouth Low Port Jointed Full Cheek Straight Mouth Overcheck Dexter Ring Bit
Saddlebury mouthpiece Saddlebury 1 Saddlebury side Saddlebury motion Polo Bit 1 Polo Bit 2
Triangular Mouthpiece Triangular Jointed Full Cheek Berry Bit 1 Berry Bit 2 Banbury Banbury action
Norton Perfection 1 Norton Perfection 2 Swales 3-in-1 Swales 3-in-1 side American
Swales 1
American Swales 2
Rope Snaffle Rope Curb Bedford Tack Front Mount Jointed Curb Bedford Tack
9 inch Jointed Curb
Slide Mouth
Run Out Bit
Argentine Bit
Double Bar 1 Double Bar 2 Low Port Kimberwick Twisted Kimberwick Jointed Kimberwick Fillis Snaffle
Control Bit
Overcheck Bit
Dee Ring
KK Conrad Correction Bit Stendel Overcheck Acme Driving Bit
Wilson 4 Ring Stallion Halter Show Bit Nagbut 1 Nagbut 2 6 Ring Race Snaffle Critt Davis
Check Bit
(just in case)
Full Action
J.I.C. Partial Action Hutton
Check Bit 1
Check Bit 2
Check Bit 3
T-bone Double T Crab
Check Bit 1
Check Bit 2
Spade Spade Mouthpiece
Mickey Mouse
Bit 1
Mickey Mouse
Bit 2
Trap Jaw Pleasure Bit 6 inch
Saddlebred Curb
Comfort Bit
Swan Snaffle Tom Thumb Roller Bar
Dee Ring
Dee Ring
Triple Barrel Jointed Mylar
Walking Horse Gag Center Link Gag Jointed Gag National Bridle Gag Reining Gag 1 Reining Gag 2
Pipe Bit World Champion Jointed Walking Horse Curb Double Mouth Solid Shank High Roller Chain Mouth Curb Red River Front Mount Double Twisted Curb
Elbow Bit Wonder Bit Liverpool Oval Mouth Bits 1-099 Flat Shank Mullen Triple Barrel
Weymouth Swivel Center Weymouth Swivel Center Weymouth action Swivel Center Action Bar Driving 1 Bar Driving 2
Jointed Dee Ring Saddlebred low port Hanging Snaffle      


Barbara Blue Daicoff
Murfreesboro, TN
Cell. 931-993-9370

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