Use a tight curb chain. This will allow the bit to work as it is designed. The strap goes over the nose and is adjusted to fit with the strap rings tight up against the rings on the shanks of the bit. Tighten or loosen the strap using the buckle on the top of the nose. It will be shipped in the most common setting.

A tight curb chain adjustment will help keep the horses mouth shut as you won’t have a nose band with this bit. The strap going over the nose and the curb chain replace the need for a nose band.

This bit will retrain a good light head set if you keep the curb chain tight. This bit is safe to use in all riding situations including trail riding. It is comfortable for the horse to use and won’t rub or become uncomfortable used long term. It also won’t cause vices. If the horse ducks his head to evade the collection, take the draw reins off and use it without them for a week or switch to another bit for alternate stimulus.

It is not nice to use this bit with a loose curb chain because it will pinch the corner of the mouth between the curb chain and the mouthpiece like many other curb bits. It is designed to lessen the pressure on the bars and mouth already so be sure to adjust it properly.

You can use draw reins safely with this bit because most of the rein pressure will go to the nose strap instead of the horse’s mouth. Pass the draw reins through the rings at the end of the strap at the bottom of the bit and hook them up to the buckles on the top of the stirrup leathers under the flaps on the top of the saddle. This is the best placement for teaching a good head set and it will also help to lighten the pressure needed on the mouth of the horse.

Be sure to cue and then release the pressure upon compliance and over time, the cueing pressure will lessen to light cues and understanding.

Ride at least once a week in another bit after the first couple weeks to keep the horse in a show-legal bit;  otherwise the horse will grow uncomfortable if switched at the last minute to another bit at the show.


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